Train Ride~


The train was too crowded, the smell was too smothering, people’s faces were too stiff and strict. Everyone was minding their own business, either showing grumpy face expressions while scrolling down their stony phones or waiting for the trip to be over. For someone who’s realistic, this atmosphere would’ve made him/her jump out of the train and wish to die. Yet for an optimistic soul like mine, this did not matter, at all… for I had the best company with me, for I wasn’t alone in this hellish dark place. I was in a small and quiet world of my own. My arm was wrapped around this world of mine, I could hear my own heartbeats in this chaotic space. It was too strident and tough yet too pleasant and soft at the same time… I had my head on his chest, and I was transcended into a parallel universe of peace. I was the same person in another universe, but a person without any fears or boundaries, someone who was not in a train full of strangers… In the real world, he was my saviour and salvation. I couldn’t be more grateful for having him in my life, this miserable life of mine…

13th of October – Presidential Elections.

As I’m sitting on the passenger seat of the car, all I see is the mountains and trees that have been on this land for a very long time, way before humanity even existed. These humongous mountains and hills have witnessed every single step that each living thing has made. This is a trip from one city to another, for the purpose of voting for the president who will rule this holy country of ours, Tunisia, for the next five year, and who will most likely determin our future for the decades later as well. In 2011, the people have gone out to the streets and demanded for the regime of Ben Ali to finally end. To my fellow Tunisians, his corrupted political system was the reason why they lived in misery and agony. Zin Elabidin Ben Ali fleed to Saoudi Arabia and left everything behind, the people went furious and the nation turned into chaos. Strikes, protests, signs have been raised, voices have risen, arms have reached the sky to look for salvation from the almighty, whoever he was to them, feet have crashed the grounds to show their force and vigour, blood has been spilled all over the streets, people have been shot for the sake of their dear country. There was no fear nor frighten in their eyes, there were only tears of years of torture and oppression. Bodies have been tossed and filled the narrowed streets and neighbourhoods… Eight years have passed and it feels as if nothing has changed and everything has changed at the same time. New parties were created, new politicians were introduced to the citizens, and divergent presidents were elected one after the other.
The Tunisian people has gained a certain amount of political awareness, and everyone is eager to know what will happen next to their country. No matter what happens now, we should be a proud nation of the steps that we have made. A nation that occupies an area of only 163,610 square kilometres, of which 8,250 are water, but that was also the first example of a muslim arabic country to rise against dictatorship and fight for a better life and living. We, Tunisians, have introduced a whole new meaning of unity and power to other arabic countries who have gained the courage to stand up against corruption in their lands as well.
Whatever happens, we should feel proud of this milestone we made. 
#شعب_الهريسة_ديما_فوي ❤

How did freud influence Surrealism?


The surrealists were heavily influenced by Sigmund Freud, the Austrian founder of psychoanalysis. They were especially receptive to his distinction between the ego and the id—that is, between our primal instincts and desires (the id) and our more civilized and rational patterns of behavior (the ego). Since our primal urges and desires frequently run afoul of social expectations, Freud concluded that we repress our real desires into the unconscious part of our minds. For individuals to enjoy psychological health, he felt, they must bring these desires to the awareness of the conscious mind. Freud believed that despite the overwhelming urge to repress desires, the unconscious still reveals itself—particularly when the conscious mind relaxes its hold—in dreams, myths, odd patterns of behavior, slips of the tongue, accidents, and art. In seeking to gain access to the unconscious, the surrealists invented radical new art forms and techniques.”

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Stuck in delusions ;

Death driven by a slight external power but mainly, by an internal one that calls out for screams Nightmares that turn to reality A brief moment, a single minute seems to be very easy to pass.. Unexpectedly, filled with thousands, Millions of thoughts, most of them are absurd and blurry Yet they all have one common thing: death seeking this glorious end

A victory everyone is looking to achieve.