The Vow

A car on the road
A child sitting in the backseat
Watching from the window
‘Ups and downs, mommy those mountains are so beautiful!’
The mother doesn’t look at the mountains.
She turns her head to the ‘one’ driving.
And he smiles…
Gnetly holds her hand and kisses it,
‘Mommy, did you hear me? Look how gorgeous they are!’
… The mother does not even move, she knows, and so does the father.
A long silence followed by a sigh…
 No one understands what’s going on
A tear falls from th mother’s right eye
And then the right one
And she starts crying…
‘Happy tears’
 She whispers into her son’s ear
When she noticed the concerned look on his face.
Father wipes off those tears
And lets out a gentle low voiced ‘Thank you’
But…’thank you’ for what?
No one, still understands what’s going on
What is this nonsense?
They’re just mountains
Why did they make a big deal out of this
Hills, a forest, just…trees!
Why are they acting this way?
Why so mysterious?
…They don’t know that
Those mountains are an illustration
of their parents’ life
“Together we stand
Together we fall
I’m not leaving you
and neither are you.
No matter what happens,
I’m going either up, or down.
However, I’ll always be with you”
A vow they made to each other,
seeing the struggle they have been through,
the day they got married.
Two opposite struggles
Physical that turned to psychlogical

And psychological which turned to physical too…

Make yourselves at home~

Welcome to my Blog! A blog in which I will be posting my very own writings (thoughts, poems, a collection of each glimpse of my past and hopes for the future). This is going to be a rough journey of messed up feelings that I hope you can endure and eventually grow into liking it.